Group Help

We offer group workshops to help small business owners build their own sites.  These workshops range in price from $50 – $500.  Contact us for more information about our upcoming workshops.

Individually Built Sites for Small Businesses

We also help new businesses set up a starter website that they can update themselves and add to as their businesses grow.  We work at an hourly rate of  $75.00 an hour, and for a beginning site most businesses spend $1,500.

Small Business Marketing Strategies

For the starter business we also offer online positioning strategy consultation to help improve search engine rankings and social media effectiveness through improving online content in all channels.  This work is also on an hourly basis, with a minimum investment of $1,000.

Medium to Large Businesses

For larger businesses, we have a full-service approach that involves market research, online positioning strategy, custom design, search engine optimization, and content architecture. All of the design and search engine work is based off of the initial research findings.  This process typically runs between $6,000 and $18,000. We determine project cost after speaking with you and learning more about your company’s needs.  Additionally, this process takes 6 – 9 months.