Webs.com Website Builder Review: Customizing Header and Changing Themes

webs header image

I decided to try to customize the header of my Webs.com website. This didn't go so well. This is actually the least flexible feature in the Webs.com Website Builder tool I have run into so far. http://youtu.be/VixCLlxOLjU Things that went well I was able to figure out how to customize many aspects of the header quite easily I could put images into the header, which … [Read more...]

Webs.com Website Builder Review: Inserting Images in Web Pages

Insert Image Webs Website Builder

As part of my Webs.com website builder review series, I thought I would see how easy it is to insert images into text areas. My goal was to get images inserted in the page and have text wrap around the images. I have to tell you I needed to look this one up in their Help files because it just wasn't going well. I managed to figure out how to get images on my page and how to get … [Read more...]

Webs.com Website Builder: Formatting Text and Background Colors on Your Website

format text and background color

My Webs.com website builder adventure continues today with formatting the text on each page to look as much as possible like my sample site. I accidentally figured out how to change the background color in the process as well :) To format my pages' text and change the background color, it took about 20 minutes. I didn't record all 20 minutes in the video below to be kind to … [Read more...]

Webs.com Website Builder: Getting Text on Your Web Page

webs website builder entering text

My Webs website builder adventure of the day involves adding text to pages. How easy and intuitive was it? What things are kind of lousy about the tool? Check out the video or read my review below. http://youtu.be/wy_qOdTQLqU Things that went well Copying and pasting text Webs website builder had no problem interpreting the text that I pasted into the pages I was … [Read more...]

Webs.com Website Builder: Create Pages, Change Layout, Set up Navigation

webs create new page

Today I am reviewing how easy it is to work with the Webs.com Website Builder page creation, page layout, and navigation features. Funny thing, when I started this process I thought I would be able to do all that and add text into each page (not formatted, just an initial placement of text) in 10 minutes. I am so so silly. After 16 minutes I got my pages properly named, got … [Read more...]