Newhouse Studios’ Core Team:

Brenda Newhouse

Online Positioning Strategist

Brenda Newhouse, Web StrategistBrenda’s role in Newhouse Studios is to make sure our clients get an online positioning strategy that addresses their specific business needs and a website that effectively implements our online positioning strategies for the best return on investment.

She ensures that our clients understand where they are in their project at all times and that they stay involved as their project progresses. She is also the liaison between the Newhouse Studios web design and development team and our clients, keeping communication channels open.

Brenda brings 13 years of web development, search engine positioning, and project management experience to Newhouse Studios. She has received an Associate of Applied Science in Web Design from Mesa Community College and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Digital Media Management from Arizona State University.

Additionally, Brenda has been teaching web design to art students for more than eight years at Mesa Community College in Mesa, Arizona. Her teaching experience aids her in communicating complex and technical concepts to the layperson in plain, understandable language.