About Newhouse Studios

Newhouse Studios is owned and operated by me, Brenda Newhouse. It is a consultancy where I work with clients to make their online presence better. This takes many forms, from working with a team of people at a company to working one-on-one with a single-person start-up business.

I love working in the online space because the web is dynamic and always changing. A person or business can put something online instantly that represents them or their company and change it just as fast. I love the dynamics of online marketing; it is art, science and business, things about which I am passionate.

I founded Newhouse Studios 15 years ago and have been eating and drinking world wide web development and search engine positioning ever since. For the past 11 years, I have had the honor of introducing up and coming graphic designers to the magic of the web. Being a faculty member that teaches to students who are new to web design has honed my skills at communicating complex and technical concepts to the layperson in plain, understandable language.

Anyone can dominate the web in their specific industry if they have the know-how and dedication. I help you use your online performance metrics to grow your business and achieve your goals.